Foto: Vanessa Dahbour

Foto: Vanessa Dahbour

Gropius Bau

Niederkirchnerstraße 7/ Ecke Stresemannstr. 110, 10963 Berlin

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Yeşim Duman

DJ Set

As a curator, DJ, radio host and organiser, Yeşim Duman creates social spaces. Participatory formats such as the Çaystube, Queer Chess Club and Queer Ping Pong bring together seemingly separate contexts and enable encounters and movement in a relaxed, warm atmosphere. Accompanied by DJ sets and performances, the supposed contradiction between play and discourse will be overcome in dialogue with all participants and the neighbourhood – a strategy that will play an important role at the Gropius Bau in the future.

Mittwoch, 6.3.2024
Gropius Bau, Lichthof
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