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Impro Embassy - Click Tim Orr + Inbal Lori


Tim Orr (San Francisco, USA) and Inbal Lori (Tel Aviv, Israel) are »Click«. They’ve worked together since 2009, and have discovered that they share a common passion for playing characters and telling stories. Their approach is energetic and unpredictable, as they are equally attracted to many aspects of improvisation: unbridled spontaneity, disciplined narrative storytelling, the physicality of movement and human relationships of all kinds.
In this format, the improvisers take their inspiration from photographs provided by the audience, rather than verbal suggestions. Each scene will start with a new photograph, and the scenes are most likely unrelated. The evocative, non-literal nature of photographs allows the actors to discover their way into characters and situations through the feeling that the images inspire.

Please send us photos that inspire Inbal and Tim until March 19th: Ulrike Adam, info@die-gorillas.de

In English.