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The most beautiful egg in the world

Once upon a time there were three chickens - Pünktchen, Latte and Feder - who argued about who was the most beautiful of them. Pünktchen had the most beautiful dress. Latte had the most beautiful legs. And Feder wore the most beautiful comb. Because they could not agree, they asked the king. He called a contest: Which chicken would lay the most beautiful egg? All three took great pains; each egg is something very special. Did the king make a wise decision? Truly not an easy task! A sensitive story about "better" and "more beautiful" and also a bit about quarrels and friendship - really taken from life. With the famous ambiguous humor of Helme Heine - presented in a child-friendly way. ENGLISH SPOKEN FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS - vocabulary list will follow TEAM: Play: Paul Schmidt, Wally Schmidt | Director: Wally Schmidt | Puppet construction: Uschi Faltenbacher, Paul Schmidt | Stage: Anne Röttgerkamp | Costumes: Stella My | Photos: Jutta Missbach