Tam Thi Pham, Composer and Improviser

Tam Thi Pham, Composer and Improviser

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46. Festival NEUE MUSIK

Komponistinnenportrait: Tam Thi Pham, Vietnam

Tam Thi Pham                                        Contrasts - Solo Accordion
                                                                Accordion: Goran Lazarevic
                                                                video art of 2x2 Windows project
                                                                Dark Alleys - Solo performance
                                                                Performer: Tam thi Pham
                                                                Red-edr-dre - Video art
                                                                Undulation - Solo Đàn bầu
                                                                Dan Bau: Tam thi Pham
                                                                To bury your head in the sand - Video art
                                                                Oblivion - Trio
                                                                Accordion: Goran Lazarevic
                                                                Đàn bầu: Tam Thi Pham
                                                                Tenor Saxophone: Jana De Troyer



Tam Thi Pham completed her Bachelor of Musicology at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. She is currently studying in Master of New Compositional Techniques, Multimedia composition at the University of Music and Theater Hamburg in the class of Prof. Helmut W. Erdmann, Prof. Alexander Schubert and Prof. Dr. Georg Hajdu.

Ms. Pham participated many different professional courses on improvisation, contemporary music and composition organized by the Domdom – The Hub For Experimental Music & Art. In 2016 she was awarded a 3-month artist scholarship from the Goethe Institute for German language and music courses in Hamburg, Germany. She was the founder of DomDom – Contemporary and Experimental Music club.

Her works are a journey of exploring individuality in an attempt to connect with the surrounding social environment. She is trying to build a way of expression in which music and performance are two indivisible parts.

Tam Thi Pham sings, plays electronic music, objects, Dan Bau and Dan Nhi (traditional Vietnamese instruments). She especially enjoys working with choreographers and dancers both as improviser and as a composer. Besides her activities as a composer and a performer, she was also very active as an organizer of various discussions on contemporary music and art and concerts in Hanoi. She has also been participating actively at different musical festivals in Vietnam and Germany such as: “Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival”, Hanoi, 2014; “Hanoi New Music Festival”, Hanoi, 2013 and 2018; “Beyond Sound” – a series of concerts of experimental music, Heritage space, Hanoi; “Dance and music camp” with composer Heine Goebbels, Hanoi, 2018; FAMLAB Residency 2018 (a programme under the British Council’s Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth Project); “New Music Festival”, Lüneburg, 2016, 2018 and 2019; “Blurred edges” festival, Hamburg, 2019; “41. International study week for contemporary music”, Hamburg, 2019; “next_generation 8.0” festival, Karlsruhe, 2019; “Dance fest”, Hanoi, 2019.

The “Lost” – one of Ms. Pham’s improvisation music works, has been chosen to be a part of the “Synthesis Album Vol. 1”. This album has been published by the Urban Art Berlin and it collected sound works from female composers all over the world who professionally work in the sonic field. Ms. Pham’s piece titled “Sadness with the sea” has been on the album “Emergence” which was released by the British label Flaming Pines.