"Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender"
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"Shakespeare and the Alchemy of Gender"

Shakespeare Lecture by Lisa Wolpe

Lisa Wolpe: „My Solo Show offering a unique celebration of the enchanting power of cross-gender Shakespeare... my work speaks toward liberation from the “gender box” of expectations.“
The show is perfect for college students ages 17 and up, especially great for theater students, even better if they are working on Shakespeare. The content is serious and includes complex material - it includes stories of suicide and sexual predators, but on the whole it contextualizes „why Shakespeare“ and how an actor can personalize the work and make it brilliant.

 “Lisa Wolpe’s mesmerising performance celebrates Shakespeare’s language and shows the humanity of his writing“. (UK Theatre Network).
“Definitely a must-see for anyone interested in the development of Shakespeare productions in recent years and wanting to experience the work of one of the most notable proponents of cross-gender casting.” (The Play’s The Thing, UK).
“Playing Shakespeare’s great roles is an alchemical process about unpacking the vulnerability of a villain or a man in order to understand why men do what they do.” (American Theatre Magazine).

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