Having trouble viewing this email? Click here ____________________________________________ Dear Friends of English Theatre Berlin, Summer ... heat ... sun ... beer ... theatre ... why not the German classics Faust and Die Räuber, deconstructed and reassembled for the pop music generation by Bridge Markland? Yes, why not ... Plus an exciting mid-summer rendition of our comedy night. We´re all looking forward to welcoming you at English Theatre Berlin! Günther Grosser | Bernd Hoffmeister | Daniel Brunet Liebe Freunde des English Theatre Berlin, Sommer ... Hitze ... Sonne ... Theater ... Warum nicht Faust und Die Räuber, dekonstruiert und wieder zusammengesetzt von Bridge Markland? ... ja, warum eigentlich nicht ... und dazu eine Mittsommer-Ausgabe unserer beliebten Comedy Night! Viel Spaß !! Günther Grosser | Bernd Hoffmeister | Daniel Brunet


Bridge Markland - robbers in the box | July 2 + 3 | 8pm
Bridge Markland - faust in the box | July 5 + 6 | 8pm
Comedy Night | Saturday, July 13 | 8pm
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We Recommend >> CineStar Original and EVENT Cinema
We Recommend >> The Reader Berlin's Scriptwriting Lab 2013

Bridge Markland - robbers in the box | July 2 + 3 | 8pm

Friedrich Schiller's The Robbers for the generation pop music -

If you like German culture, but don't understand German - here is your chance! Get ready for rebellion, envy, love, stubbornness, hero-worship, desperation and much, much more! - Markland reinforces Schiller's strong language with 158 songs!

Tickets: 13 Euros / students 8 Euros / Book & Print Your Tix @home

Bridge Markland - Berlin´s notorious performance artist who has brought you Goethe´s Faust in English - now gives you Schiller´s The Robbbers in English - one of Germany´s most popular plays by one of Germany´s most popular authors, Friedrich Schiller, written in 1781.

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Bridge Markland - faust in the box | July 5 + 6 | 8pm

Goethes Faust for the generation popmusic
See the dust brushed away from Goethe's classic literary work in Bridge Markland's one-woman show.

" ...The parallels between the well known text and it’s translation into pop songs of the past four decades are impressive and funny at the same time. Bridge Markland walks on the rather narrow edge between modern debate and persiflage. When Margaret recognises at the end that she is on AC/DCs "Highway to hell", this borderline finally becomes blurred in a great and new attempt to interpret the classic for many generations. This comprehensive attempt was successful. “
Bernd Mand, Mannheimer Morgen, 7 May 08

"it works so well I became fascinated to see and hear just what was about to happen next. ... It is superbly performed and very very cleverly written and designed." ► one4review

TICKETS: 13 Euros / students 8 Euros / Book & Print Your Tix @home

photos by Dirk Holtkamp-Endemann ► video

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Comedy Night | Saturday, July 13 | 8pm

For the last three years, Berlin has seen an explosion in English-language stand-up comedy. With regular open mics and showcases and springing up all over town in various bars, cafés, and art spaces, dozens of Berlin-based comedians from around the world (including Germany!) are finding their voices and sharing their lives in hilarious detail. Now see some of the best the Berlin scene has to offer.

This months headliner
> Nigel Williams - the "Godfather of comedy" in Belgium!

- Josh Telson (USA)
- Passun Ernesto Azhand (DE)
- Good Luck, Barbara! (improv comedy)

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This time with guest-host James Harris (UK)
supported by co-host and synthpop-troubadour Stephen Paul Taylor (CAN)

we recommend >> New production by English Community Theatre Berlin

FAMILY SKELETONS, or When I Stole My Sister’s Piece of Bacon

“When I go meet my family I see a room full of me.”

June 29 + 30 / 8pm - Hoftheater Kreuzberg, Naunynstr. 63 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg / tickets

How many percent of your current thoughts and actions do you think are linked to and based on your childhood? Your family makes you who you are. They raised you, protect you, feed you and care for you. They’re the ghosts that haunt you throughout your whole life, whether these are demons or good spirits. First they help you sleep, then they keep you awake.

There is no such thing as a perfect family. The most basic instincts are unleashed at home. We are different animals in the confines of our four walls than we present to the outside world. Different personalities crashing under the same roof, at the dinner table. And the dinner table itself, where most families usually come together, becomes witness to a kaleidoscope of comedy, drama, thriller and suspense. Rhythms, roars, silences. Did Daddy just transform into a lion?

More information on Facebook or at www.inka-theatre.com

We Recommend >> CineStar Original and EVENT Cinema

CineStar Original and EVENT Cinema at the Sony Center:
Two cinema gems under one spectacular roof!

CineStar Original offers Germany's widest choice of original language films on eight screens and is the cosmopolitan heart of Berlin's cinematographic scene. Located in the Sony Center’s unique architecture, CineStar Original fascinates both moviegoers and filmmakers: Big Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Robert Pattinson regularly celebrate their film premieres in this spectacular venue.

From CineStar Original, it only takes you a few steps upstairs to another exclusive experience: Let yourself be captivated by Berlin’s biggest 2D- and 3D-screen, premium entertainment, technical world-firsts and the 87-square-metre stage that fascinate you at the EVENT Cinema at Sony Center, the new premium class of cinema. Live broadcasts of cultural events from the Metropolitan Opera New York, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and live broadcasts of classical and rock concerts are made possible by latest satellite and entertainment technology. Enjoy the current cinema programme on the highest level of comfort: Spacious leather chairs and stadium seating guarantee the perfect view from all seats, and a broad selection of delicious food and drinks will ensure all your wishes are met.

Look forward to our upcoming film highlights

Find info and tickets on CineStar.de

We Recommend >> The Reader Berlin's Scriptwriting Lab 2013

The Reader Berlin's Scriptwriting Lab 2013
August 12th-16th
With Donna Sharpe and CJ Hopkins
Cost: 350 euros
Venue: The Alte Kantine, Wedding

Got a great idea for a screen or stage play? Want to develop it properly before writing your first draft? Written that first draft, but got a bit lost along the way? Preparing to send your script out, but would like to put it to the test and get feedback from professional scriptwriters before you do?

The Reader Berlin’s Scriptwriting Lab with Donna Sharpe and C.J. Hopkins is an intensive 5-day script development course designed for both beginning and more experienced screenwriters and playwrights. Through an inspiring mix of lectures, workshops and individual mentoring sessions, the Lab will provide you with the practical tools and knowledge you need to take the next step in your writing process..

More Information > The Reader Berlin - CONTACT

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